Invisible Motion: Phuc Tran

The first example I chose for lines come from “Sacred Profane” by Justin Green


Image from Sacred Profane by Justin Green

. Even though I do not fully understand the of the comics as they use some strange, old English. The lines that are used to create shadow caught my attention as it create the setting when the Kerosene lamp is the only light source. This give me a feeling that this guy has been working really hard, so hard that when the night come he use the lamp to keep working. This use of line to create the dark environments and character make me acknowledge the passion of the male character about what he is doing. In addition, not only the props and character but also the text bubbles were given some light to show that they are appear in the dark too which is interesting. By simply using multiple lines in object, the author successfully describe the emotion they want the reader to feeling when reading this page.


Image from Richie Rich Millions by Alfred Harvey and Warren Kremer

For interdependent example, I found this character in “Richie Rich Millions” by Alfred Harvey, Warren Kremer who keep jumping to show his anger. Imagine when only the image exist. Although the drawing already did a good job in demonstrating the action of this character, we would assume that this guy only jump one time, which is not exactly what the artist try to say. In the other hand, when it combine with the word: “STOMP!” duplicated and showed multiple times next to the illustration. Not only we know that he does that more than one time but also “stomp”, which is the word to describe the same action as action as jump but more aggressive. In here, the use of word and picture come hand in hand to address the emotion and action of the character more accurate and effective.


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