Invisible Emotion: Ruby Pitts-Cranston

Picture of Crazy men Go Wild taken at the MASC

When we went to the MASC on Tuesday there were a lot of options to chose from for line and interdependent text. For an example of line I looked at the comic Crazy Men go Wild. I chose this because the comic uses a variety of different types of lines to create the characters and narrative. I especially like how the comic has a road that winds through each page and leads you through the booklet. The characters themselves are also made up of very abstracted and unnatural lines compared to how normal human features look. This can give a sense of confusion and chaos.

Picture of the Nuremberg Chronicle taken at the MASC

For an example of interdependent text and word, I looked at the Nuremberg Chronicle. I chose this because of the page with the apostles on it, because they are labeled with their names on scrolls next to them. I found that this was a good example because without the names, many people may not know who the people in the image are. I also like this example because the artist blended the text and imagery together so the words look like they are a part of the image.

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