Invisible Emotion: Dane Graves

I had a hard time finding what I wanted to use as an example of how lines affect viewer

Batman Vs. Catman Page 15

perception of senses and emotion. I finally settled on a scene from the Batman vs Catman book. The scene takes place in a museum at night where Batman and Robin are investigating and about to encounter the villain. The lines used in this scene are portraying a creepy and dark ambiance through their jagged repetitive, almost chaotic nature. This is commonly shown in how the lines are being used for the characters shadows and lighting around the scenes. Batman is often cloaked in these scenes by these lines, perhaps demonstrating his seriousness, especially in the bottom two left panels. These dark jagged lines are used everywhere on this page for the shadows and lighting and on characters to show the darkness/seriousness the author wants to portray. For an example of words and pictures together I decided on this image from a comic that described the nuclear bomb and technological innovations that followed during the cold war. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the comics name. On this page the words go hand in hand with the imagery, I believe it qualifies as an Interdependent word/picture combination. More than that certain words are bold in the text to amplify their effect, but the full idea cant be conveyed without any of the text or just the text. Especially when it comes to the character dialogue in the speech bubbles, without the imagery it would not make any sense for what kind of message was trying to be portrayed to the reader on this page. You wouldn’t be aware that the repeat of the message from the scientist was coming from the president over the television to a viewer proclaiming his disbelief. More than that, even with the description in yellow up above the reader wouldn’t understand what it meant by an “‘Umbrella’ of New Technology” without the visual.


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