Closure and Time Frames: Phuc Tran


Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 1 by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

The graphic novel I chose for this blog is”Neon Genesis Evangelion” by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. This book is about the fight between alien monster and humanity with the help of giant controlled robots. This is a famous manga that Hollywood based on it and make the hit movie “Pacific Rim”. Because of the Science Fiction genre, I believe there would be some interesting shots using different technique to describe the actions which make it perfect for this activity. One of the example for closure that I found is these two frame demonstrate the monster rising from the water. This would be a moment-to-moment or action-to-action closure because the 2 frames point to the same location with the angle, the only different is in the second frame, the water get a big splash when the first one has steady water. This is a great way to describe the action of the object more lively for the viewers as they imagine what happen between those 2 frames rather than just the second frame.


Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 1 by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

For the time frames, I found this shot very fits to be an example that gives the reader to chance to have the imagination of time. In this scene, the 3 people are in the boat and the two woman is having a conversation. Rather than just a still image as it seems in the picture, this scene describes the continuous movement of the boat when the people on it are talking. So instead of just a blink of an eye, this scene need reader’s participation to view time longer and imagine the boat as it keep moving forward. This is only possible by the length of the text as it they are long sentences and the way the artist drew water as it is splashing backward to demonstrate the movement of the boat.

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