Final Digital Comics Collage: Jon Klaveano

Designed by Jon Klaveano, October 2019/ Space

I did a ton of planning and thinking before starting this  assignment.  I can honestly say my project did not turn out how I had first imagined. Leading into the assignment I was pretty flustered because the assignment was so free to each individuals interpretation. I saw other students examples in class and it made me even more confused on what I should attempt to do with this project. Thankfully though after speaking with my teacher I found my inspiration and was able to hit the ground running on this assignment. My original plan for this assignment was to combine my many movie posters together in an attempt to create a mashup of all my favorite movies.  As you can see that didn’t really end up taking shape. The reason for that being that after combining two of the movie posters (Interstellar, 2001: A Space Odyssey) I found new inspiration and ran with it. McCloud’s definition of a comic is “juxtaposed pictorial and other images in delebriate sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer.” I believe my comic collage fits into this definition in the fact that it screams space, and that is exactly what I wanted. If the viewer has seen either of the movies Interstellar or 2001: A Space Odyssey they will know the connection between the objects I have included in my project and space. The images included in the project are also deliberately placed in there specific locations to create a better sense of continuity. This idea of continuity is something I considered after looking over John Lovett’s design overview. The overview really helped me to consider things like texture, color, balance, repetition, and finally contrast while making this project. The words I used in my project “Final Frontier” came after its completion. I was sitting there thinking of how I could really reveal my projects overall theme. I was inspired after looking at my two movie posters and realizing the words they used were so crucial to the overall aesthetic. The location of where to put the words was what really took sometime. I have used photoshop in previous classes and I would say that is the extent of my experience in photoshop. That being said I have used the software a handful of times. I can honestly say I learned a lot this time through after watching a ton of the tutorials. This was super valuable when it came time to make my project. I used tools such as Color brush, layer blend, layer mask, free transform, filter gallery, spot healing brush, quick selection, eye dropper, and clone stamp. I really enjoyed playing around with the opacity of certain objects in my project, and then applying filters over them. With certain objects I modified the hue/saturation so it would fit with my color scheme better. I enjoyed making this project on digital. I think it allows for people to be more artistic and opens doors to countless possibilities.

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