Final Digital Comic Collage: Phuc Tran


Final Digital Comic Collage

Final Digital Comic Collage by Phuc Tran. October 2019

In the future, I want to make a living with something related to designing. Drawing is what I usually do as a hobby and also a way for me to practice for the future. That is why I decided to use my drawing pieces for this project. My project fit McCloud definition because by looking at it, I can tell a story of how my skill has evolved overtime, since I tried to put those drawings in a specific order based on the time when did I make each piece. By using John Lovett’s principle about shape, value, color and repetition in the layout of images I made. What my idea is I created the images collage with in the shape in my face and coat. It means that the pieces I made is part of my story and they are belong to me. Especially, the image for my face is a poster I bought from one of my favorite artist, this demonstrate the goal I want to archive which is already set in my mind. In the end, because the images look a little bit odd compare to the background, so I add an colorful picture of the galaxy and blend in to make it looks more fit to each other.

This is not my first time using Photoshop. In fact, I use Photoshop to draw and play with it as a hobby like Photoshop manipulation or simply editing picture. I also had COM 210 last semester when we study Photoshop as the first section. Although I believe using this is unnecessary for my project since it might distorted my drawing, what I learned that was new is sharpening the images with the filter, this might be useful for increasing the outline of a low quality image. I think that layer masking is very helpful in making a images collage as we can organize them easier and also blend mode which help my overall piece has a more good-looking vibe. Additionally, I can see that different blend modes are really powerful in the tutorial.

I enjoy composing in a digital environment and had some fun with this project. Editing is always fascinating for me, especially I want to train the skill and use it in my future career.

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