Design Elements and Principles: Sydney Seay

Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” page 120.

McCloud and Lovett both create works that have similar message styles that enact multiple elements of design. They use 2D visuals to create something that readers can feel in multiple or all of the senses. McCloud uses many design elements that Lovett discusses in “Design Overview”, and there are examples of these on page 210 in Understanding Comics.

Page 210 does not use the traditional comic boxes, formed by lines that create the shape of a box. The images and shapes are freely placed around the page. He uses value in the solid black arrows to draw your eyes in the way he wants them to flow on the page. McCloud uses lines also to indicate the swirling motion of all of these ideas of comics in Japan, which was below and the arrow points to after the North America and Europe puzzle pieces fit together in the history of comics. There are speech bubbles, but less than the majority of his pages usually have, so therefore the images stand out even more.

The images on this page have repetition in the sense that the majority of them are in boxes, besides the little man and the comic book who are meant to break that pattern. This makes the authors intention of characters being very important to the overall comic with the other components still important, but not as major. There is harmony on the page where all the images are in a circle with the movement indicated behind them, with the image of Japan in the center. The images have unity about them in the sense that they are all components of a comic. The images are not textured in their physical sense, but the value shows the reader what they would feel like if you could touch them.

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