Design Elements and Principles: Matthew Mollet

“Understanding Comics” Scott McCloud p. 33


One of Lovett’s elements this page shows is contrast. The large images are at the center of the black background, emphasizing the pictures of the inanimate objects with faces. The contrast on this page is almost like a movie theatre, keeping your eyes focused on the subjects.
Another of Lovett’s elements is dominance. The images dominate the page. They are larger than most other images in the rest of the book which shows the details in the objects with “faces”. The dominance keeps the reader interested and focused on the pictures.
The last element of this page is size. Like previously mentioned, the images are much larger than the usual images in the rest of the book. McCloud’s character is much smaller than the images of the objects and draws focus on the pictures. Even the simple circle smiley face is much larger than McClouds cartoon. This page does not have many images, but their size shows every detail in the drawings.

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