Design Elements and Principles: Justin Pardini

Page 106

Pages 106-107

I chose to analyze these pages because I liked the way the layout and different types of drawings were included within it. In order to truly analyze it in terms of design elements, I chose 3 main design tactics that are included in these pages.

The first concept I chose to discuss is lines, specifically boundary lines. Because this book is in black and white, the boundary lines are an important value to have in these comics. Not only does each box and speech bubble have lines, but the drawings themselves contain boundary lines that allow an image to stand out. Not all lines are straight which makes the boundaries more eccentric.

Another element I saw in these pages was size. The size of each picture and background is proportionate and follows the trend of the comic. It’s important to maintain the size of each idea throughout the comic to keep it thorough and steady.

Page 107

Lastly, another cool aspect I saw in these pages was visual balance. The wheel in particular displayed visual balance that caught my eye. It allowed me, as the reader, the see everything in the same importance and relevance, which is important for me.

Ultimately, these, and many other elements of design, are important to include in comics or graphic novels. I will strive to implement these ideas into my own creations moving forward.

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