Design Elements and Principles : Jon Klaveano

Pages 32-33 Scott McCloud

I choose this photo because I thought it really highlighted the Design Overview I went over and read before choosing this photo. I noticed all of the elements that John levett went over his his Design Overview. All things considered these were the most appealing pages I could find. More specifically though I noticed the use shapes, size, balance, and repetition. I think that page 32 demonstrates shapes the best because the random shapes with eyes create a lot of negative space which Levett describes in his overview. The three frames on page 33 also demonstrate shapes as well with the frames of the screen not changing. I also believe that McCloud does a tremendous job of utilising sizes of things such as individual photos and pieces of art he has drawn. That being said I think the relationship between items in his book are perfectly executed. The balance between page 32 and 33 is really well done. The almost all black page of 33 is balanced by the dominitley white  page 32. I also think there is balance in the fact that page 32 has a greater amount of comic strips whereas page 33 has only a few comic strips. The repetition presented in these pages also fits Levetts definition of repetition. There are similar images but they are slightly different you can really see this on page 33. I think overall page 33 is very appealing visually the mixture of balance, repetition, and use of space just sets it apart. It reminds me of a movie screen in the sense that each frame shows a different part of the story. I also really like how the black frame does not change throughout the three frames. Which makes its seem like you watching a movie as I stated before. The placement of McCloud himself is also appealing because it doesn’t change throughout the three frames.

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