Design Elements and Principles: Jake Bailey

The page I choose from Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” is Page 8 of Chapter 1.

The first that McCloud uses the is the element of shape and the big example of that is found on the left side of the page. The use of shape to create the film strip helps portray a “Stop motion style” of speech and comic. It is a geometric shape in basic terms but by adding the smaller contrasting squares it creates something people know. Everyone recognizes and associates that shape with frame by frame media that is different than comics.

Photo of Page 8 from Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics”

The second element/principles that is used in this page is the juxtaposition of light and dark known as Value or Contrast. The example of this is found in majority of the panels in the form of the spotlight that is on McCloud’s character. Value and Contrast are mainly used in order to get the viewer to pay attention or notice something more than usual and in real life that is the sole goal of having a spotlight. It makes McCloud the center of interest and makes it known to all the readers that what he is saying is important and needs to be remembered.

The third element that McCloud uses is the element of texture. The element of texture is found in some of the panels in the form of the wood of the stage he is standing on. It is common knowledge what the texture of wood is and by seeing it our mind replaces and places that texture there. Having that drawing of lines to make it look like wood compared to just a blank space not only fills the space but makes it recognizable and furthermore re enforces that what McCloud is saying should be remembered as people associate someone standing on stage as someone giving a presentation or lecture.

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