Design Elements and Principles: Jack Kay

Scott McCloud and John Lovett are similar in Many ways when designing a comic or picture. The two artists can make a 2D visual into a new design that the reader can feel on multiple senses.

Google Photo scan of page 99 

McCloud’s book, “understanding Comics,” uses many of the design elements that Lovett discusses in his, “design overview.”

On this page, McCloud describes a difference in panel sequencing. This sequence depicts the durations of the given comic as seen on Lovett’s website as repetition. The repetition of these events allows the reader to decipher the time and space the sequence is moving in. When displaying the two basketball players McCloud uses movement through gradation, a term discussed by Lovett in which the reader’s eyes will move along the given shape until reaching the higher contrast area. In McCloud’s panel the legs lead to the shadow on floor giving the reader the idea that the two players are moving forward. The perspective perceived by the reader is something that only the artist can assist by using the gradation element.

In the panel to the top left the harmony as described by Lovett creates a sense of unity between the several different small icons. Although being different topics, the icons are in a similar proximity allows for another sense of harmony. The dominance of Scott McCloud’s cartoon character brings forth more attention to his character than the icons behind him. This makes the reader read his speech bubble before moving over to the actual images the description Is referring to.


Also, sorry for the google scan I was out of town all weekend.



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