Design Element and Principle: Emily Bartholomew

In Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” he uses many different elements of design throughout his book. One page that really stuck out to me was pages 22-23. This page gives a prime example of color. In this page he talks about how there’s an endless amount of possibilities that you can make into a comics. He also doesn’t just talk about endless possibilities, but he makes it feel like you’re in space to hint at, that you can do anything, and it won’t just stop from that idea. The coloring in this page is very harsh and dark, but it brings the reader into the story to make them feel like they’re actually standing there with the Scott McCloud character in space. My favorite part about these pages is that he has added the stars and some other planets with in the black empty space throughout those two pages.

Throughout the book “Understanding Comics” Scott uses all different types of elements in design. The one that I thought that he uses the least was color. Now I know that you can use black and white as color, but when I think of color I think of dark blues, bright yellows, and grimy greens. I expect those different colors to catch my eye and make me what to think of other things that are that color or even, memories that remind me of color. I think color within a comic can tell another part of the story that some people might be missing out on, but then again people can still tell a good story that doesn’t use color in it. It’s kind of weird to me, not seeing color in this book because on the cover its full of many different colors. Its bright, eye catching, and brings a different life to the character within the book.

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