Print Versus Digital comics: Phuc Tran

Hand Drawing comic by Phuc Tran. September 2019

I had a fun time drawing these two comics. The biggest different when creating it for me is the digital way does not offer any material. In that way I do not need to worry about buying color or any medium plus the digital way can erase my mistakes without leaving any trail or smudges. Another thing is with basic shape like circle, square in character and environment creation or the line to separate between each frame are the things that I can do better in the digital way. The reason for that is because the program can offer those more perfect than me.

The way of how the audience see the comic can also be different. The paper comic is only available to anyone get the chance to get the paper while the digital one can be seen by anyone

DIgital Comic by Phuc Tran, September 2019

who have a digital device which is a common thing nowadays. For that reason, it is easier to spread and share the digital comic to anyone. In addition, I can see that some people prefer a hard copy on their hand including me. It is the feeling of own the comics is more satisfied and it also does not hurt my eyes when I read the paper for a long time.

The first chapter of “Understandings Comics” is basically talks about the definition of comics. It gives me some interesting facts about comics with some unexpected things that can be considered as comics surprised me. For that reason, it did not really give any ideas to create the comics.


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