Print Versus Digital Comic: Jack Kay

Expo Marker Comic

Picking up an expo marker and putting it on lined paper was a very simplistic task. It was easy enough to create within a couple minutes, while also describing my whole life in 6 squares. The perks to drawing a comic like the one above, is that I have the freedom to draw whatever without struggling with technology. With simple stick figures and simple designs, the medium is there. I grew up in California came to Washington State University after getting accepted and now I am in greek life along side school. The drawbacks of creating a piece like this is that it is very basic and does not seem like it is college level work from my experience. Looking at comic books I have noticed the amount of time put into each piece and I am very aware that my comic is not comparable to the ones in Scott McCloud’s book.

On the other hand, the digital comic was fairly harder to make. As one could tell, I am not the best with technology and someone can easily tell because I have no clue on how to make the first picture in this blog, right-side up. I have no true experience with the Adobe Illustrator and it may show on my comic. I am not trying to bash on my piece, but not being able to find the fill widget really made my comic look bad. The online piece; however, assisted me with connecting lines and making my poorly drawn cars actually look somewhat smooth. The comic really hit home to me because it is what had occurred the day before so drawing this really depicted my life. I looked at my phone because my friend needed a ride and In return I got a ticket.


Digital Comic

For me, paper comic books seem more nostalgic and easier to read and look at versus online comics that seem very new to society. I am a very nostalgic person so I would love reading the old comics rather than the new. I think reading a chapter or comic on paper allows less distractions than online where there is so much access and availability to become distracted.

The Understand Comics book did not help me draft any certain ideas for my online comic, but did give me a good basic understanding of comics in general. I hope that by the end of this course I will be able to create a college Level comic and not just this basic one I have created.

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