Print Versus Digital Comic: Bailey Tompkins

Digital Comic Strip, Bailey Tompkins, August 26th 2019

Within the past week, I have made a comic strip by hand and by using a digital tool. I personally preferred using a digital tool because it was more time efficient and looks better. When making the comic strip by hand, I came across some difficulties that were harder to fix by hand compared to when I made the comic strip using word. The biggest difficulty with the hand made comic strip was finishing a section of the strip but then not having enough room for the next section so I had to go back and erase some of my previous work, but on the digital comic, it was much easier to move the work around or make it smaller without having to back track or erase completed work. Overall, the digital comic strip was easier for me in the sense of time and skill, but the hand made strip forced me to use my creativity more to problem solve. In respect to reading the comic strips, I preferred reading the digital strip over the hand drawn strip because it was cleaner, and the font brought more character to the comic. Chapter 1 of Understanding Comics compared comics to films and film strips which helped give me the idea that a comic doesn’t have to read like a book, but that it should be more visual like a film. Chapter 1 also reminded me that there are no rules to what a comic can or cannot read which helped flow my creativity.

Hand Drawn Comic, Bailey Tompkins, August 21st 2019

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