Print Versus Digital Comic – Libby Fletcher

I created this comic digitally on Photoshop.

This week, I discovered that creating comics digitally versus by hand both have their bonuses and drawbacks.  For example, when I drew my comic originally, it was much easier.  This makes sense because I’ve used my hand to draw, write, doodle, etc. every day.  However, when I was creating my comic in Photoshop, I had many more resources in one place.  Because of this I was able to use an assortment of different digital tools, rather than only being able to use the pen that I created my hand drawn comic with. 

I drew this comic by hand.

Similarly, the way in which someone consumes a comic, digitally or on paper, changes the experience for the reader.  On paper, I feel like the reader gets a more authentic, traditional experience.  When I think of on paper comics, I think of the Peanuts in the Sunday paper.  Although we have clearly went over the fact that comics are much more than the ones in the funny pages, I believe comics which are consumed on paper can give the reader a nostalgic and good feeling.  On screen however, I believe the reader has a much better chance at analyzing the comic more fully.  Someone is able to zoom in pixel by pixel if they really wanted to, which can’t be done while reading on paper.  Either way, the way in which someone reads a comic can change the way someone receives said comic.

Lastly, the first chapter of Scott McCloud’s book was helpful in defining comics as well as showing the history, but I do not think that it helped me to create my own personal comic.  What it did do however, was provide me with a strong understanding of what a comic truly is.  Whether there are six frames side by side that create a traditional comic, or an abstract set of pictures which provide a storyline, it is still considered a comic.

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