Final Reflection: Emmalina Krist

The first audio story that I listened to was one by Jenna Walker, who interviewed her grandmother about her experiences transitioning from writing by hand and using a typewriter to using more modern technology, such as computer keyboards. Her grandmother touches upon the fact that she majored in art during her college years, although it seems like she has a personal interest in writing, as she mentioned classes that she was taking on the subject. I found it interesting how she related both typewriters and modern keyboards to her career and interests and how useful these types of technology were to these aspects of her life. One thing that I think I would have enjoyed hearing about further during this audio story would have been the interviewee’s experiences with other types of keyboards, such as those used within smartphone interfaces, if she interacts with this technology. I feel that this piece demonstrates the concept of oral history fairly well, because it collects the experience of the interviewee, who belongs to a different generation than both the interviewer and the target audience, with a specific type of technology both in the past and present.

The second audio story that I listened to belonged to Brianna Esqueda, who interviewed a researcher studying genetics about the technology used in her studies and work. I found it particularly interesting that the interview addressed future possibilities and implications of the research and technology that is focused upon. I think for this project, I would be interested to find out how the interviewee’s experiences using this technology have changed over time, and perhaps whether her younger self would ever have expected the advancements that the technology in her field has made, or whether her aspirations have changed with the evolution of technology. Even though the interviewee sounds fairly young, I think that perhaps technology in her field might be advancing so quickly that she might still be able to make comparisons about it over time.

The third audio story that I listened to belonged to Christian Solovey, who interviewed the DJ known as Tommy Gunz. I found the choice of interviewee to be quite interesting, as it seemed to be very easy to narrow down specific themes, such as music, and technology that a specific group of people involved in the music industry are familiar with. This piece also appears to be a good example of oral history, because the interviewee has intimate experience with specific types of technology used for his work, and the interviewer asks a set of questions that entices information from the interviewee about his experiences through time.


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