Final Reflection: Luke Schauble

The first Oral History report I listened to was Emmalina Krist’s. The concept of her report was very good and provided great examples of the evolution of web design ranging from the 1990’s to now. One of the best examples that she used was of her mom describing the differences in creating web pages back in the 90’s compared to today. She explained how she had to actually physically write out the code for a website and upload it to finally see how it was going to turn out. She had to code everything down to even the colors of certain elements. She then explains how today, all she has to do is pretty much “drag and drop” what she wants which makes it much more efficient.

The second project I listened to was Ashley Cole’s. While the audio was a bit quiet the content of the interview was very informative. Her project touches on the evolution of the phone from the past couple decades till now. A great example she chose to include was when she was talking about the corded phone and the car phone. Her interviewee explains that in order to use the phone anywhere in the house, the landline would have 20 foot long cords so you could walk around with it, as well as having a Carphone to be able to communicate with the car. I found this interesting because I would have thought instead of making all these adjustments to technology to make them portable, they would have just focused efforts on making a portable phone in the first place.

The last interview I listened to was Jenna Walker interviewing her Grandmother on the differences between the typewriter and a computer. One profound thing that was mentioned was the idea of the backspace on a computer. Her grandmother states that she would much rather type on a computer because on a typewriter she doesn’t have to black out the errors that were made. It’s so crazy how we take something as small as the “backspace” button for granted. However, she also shows how the good parts of technology have been preserved over the years. She explains that she didn’t have to re-learn anything as the layout of a keyboard is the same as of a typewriter. She also explains how she would much rather have the tools we have today when she was in school as they make everything much more efficient. It made me think of how students today often think college is very difficult, but it would have been much harder decades ago.

All of these interviews are good examples of oral history. Although none of them were perfectly executed because of various things like sound levels, awkward jump cuts, and hard to hear words, they all show the evolution of technology through the years and the differences in technology between now, and past generations.

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