Finial Reflection: Aidan Aumell

Tori Bredy:

I really liked how the audio story started out as a story of her first time getting a computer. It gave some context to the background of the story. Tori really did pick one of the best people to interview for this subject because she is a teacher. One of the most interesting things I heard throughout the story was how she was thinking students have become more proficient is using technology of the years. I also really liked how she said computers and phones have really cut down her work load at school because she is able to do all that work on her smart phones and laptops when she was home. Computer are so influential in today’s society and I think Tori did an amazing job at asking questions the brought out really good technological stories of her mother’s past. She shared really personal, old stories, that helped give the listener a lot of background to the main subject.


Emily Burns: I really liked how the person she picked had a background job working in a telephone company. That is a great person to interview on the topic of phones. Some stories that were interesting and helped with the overall oral history project, was her talking about how technology helped her career. The story about her sitting up the Wi-Fi for her entire sorority was cool because it helps with the story telling aspect of this project. This is a great example of  storytelling because the person that she interviews makes a lot of comparisons through her stories about the difference in technology and phones over the years.


Jaclyn Erickson: To start, I really liked the topic of the entire interview very cool and original. It was interesting just hearing about the culture of the record player and how it brought people together. The story she was a kid, talking about how kids now a days just play on their phones when they hangout, but she said when she was young her and her friends used to bring records over to each other’s house to show off their music selection. I thought that was very interesting because the way we listen to music is actually changing the way we experience listening to music. Stories like this one are the reason why this is a good example of oral history.


Andy Snow: One thing I really liked about this project was the person she selected to interview. Her dad is the vice president of product administration of HomeStreet Bank. He is a perfect person to interview about how technology has changed throughout business. I really liked how he brought up the pros and cons of telephones. He spoke about how smart phones have made his personal and professional life way more organized. But also recognized how these phones have become an escape from the real world. He shared stories about how people fidget with their phones when they are uncomfortable in any situation. These types of stories really help the oral history part of the project and show changes in progression of technology .


Josue Cuevas: The topic was cool and interesting! Smartphone with music and just smart phones in general. The question about how the way you listen to music changed in the past to now was extremely. His person being interview brought up example of the Walkman and the caisit tape, he went into detail on what those are. This was a very positive interview because the interviewer thinks that the improvements in technology have actually improved our life’s massively. This is not something a lot of people say if they grow up in this generation, so I was kinda surprised about it all. Overall, he did a really good job in bring out good personal stories about the person he was interviewing past.

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