Oral History: Jenna Walker

For my interview, I chose to interview my grandma on what it was like to grow up using a typewriter and other methods. Then seeing what it was like to transition to computers and how she had to adjust. The interviewing process was extremely easy. I interviewed my grandma so already we were comfortable with each other so the conversation was able to flow much more fluidly than if I was talking to someone I did not know well. Throughout my interview it is clear that we were having an active conversation because this is something she is genuinely interested about. She is big on writing and reading, which is why she mentioned that she is currently in a writing class. She has experienced first-hand how writing technologies have developed and what it was like to have to adapt to using new things like computers. Nothing really surprised me during the interview other than the types of typewriters she brought up, like the one she wished she had but couldn’t. I really liked how she mentioned that she was enrolled in history classes and used the computers after work to help her get through them with more ease. That showed that she wanted to get comfortable with using and making the transition from a typewriter. From her experience in college to now, you can tell that she tried hard to become relaxed with using computers and how since they were becoming a big part in everyone’s day to day lives. There were two prominent themes in this interview. It starts out with what she used when she was going through school, how she had to utilize the writing technology, and how it was a process writing, transcribing, using a Xerox, etc. Then the focus shifted to how she thought computers were working for today’s society. While she is envious of the tools we have now, she is still appreciative of how writing has advanced; although she mentions that some authors prefer to hand write some of their works. She was extremely knowledgeable on this topic and questions I asked, which is why she was a perfect candidate for this interview. I decided to edit the audio story I turned in because sometimes she took long pauses or would start to giggle so I cut out some of those to have it flow better; she took the time to thoroughly think about her answers which I was appreciative for. Her opinions are very clear throughout this audio story, which shows that she actually cared about what she was saying and having a conversation about.

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