Past, Present, & Future Technology: Interview Ideas: Jaclyn Erickson

I focused on section six in the novel, about Robot Construction and how in the future they believe that robots could work in the construction business. This was a very interesting section to me because my father was in the construction business for sometime in his life and eventually worked his way into real estate. Being very close with my father I went to all of his open houses and was constantly looking at new designs and new advancements each home was receiving. Boy has technology and modern designs changed even since i was a young girl. For my oral history project i want to interview my dad and see his insight on how technology has evolved not only through his personal experience within his job but also how technology has advanced since he was a child.

Robotic Construction was a very interesting read about how robotics should be implemented into the construction work force in order to build homes quicker. This is a perfect example of oral history because throughout this section is discusses how in the past homes were build much quicker than they are today, past to present. Which in all honesty makes sense due to todays homes designs are much more complex and overall larger than they used to be. In the novel its mentions both Tomas Edison and Ernist Neufert, and gives example of what was going through their minds back in the day. Tomas thought that instead of making a a new home every time someone asks, why not make a mold and pour one and have a house ready before people ask. Ernist’s idea was to build homes on the on the backs on trains so while the train continues on it’s way to its final destination. This way they could collect materials as they travel. Although these ideas were never actually used it allowed us to think more about how we design new structures and the type of technology used to create these structures. These oral histories are important because they allow us to learn from the past and further our knowledge for future advancements.

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