Past, Present, and Future Technology: Liz Kurtz

I focused on the sixth section within the book “Soonish” by Kelly and Zach Weinersmith. This section was titled Robotic Construction, it discusses how eventually technology should develop robots that work construction. This idea stemmed from the need to build homes more efficiently and at a larger scale. This relates to oral history by connecting how things were done in the past to present. Within the chapter they talk about how home building was arguably done faster in the past. They give examples of Tomas Edison and his grad idea that instead of making a new home every time there was a demand, rather make a mold and pour one. Ernist Neufert was also a revolutionist thinker with his ideas to build homes on the back of train and collect materials as the train ventured. Given, both of these ideas were debunked, however they inspired us to think deeper and more critically about how we develop the process of building something and the technology involved. Today, scientists are developing a new way to build homes. With further advancements the future is not far off, maybe your next home will even be built by robots. Oral history plays an important role within society as it allows us to keep a record of past events and ideas. This chapters idea directly relates to oral history by providing historic examples of attempts to quicken the building process.

When asked to choose an individual for this oral history project, I imminently thought of my dad. My dad grew up in a small town in Alaska and often talks about how much technology has improved. He tells us stories of the gadgets he had growing up and even advancements being made currently within his work. Both my mom and dad are architects and are directly affected by updates in software and building codes. I would like to interview them both to get two different perspectives of how these advancements have changed their area of work separately. However, my dad specially would make a great candidate for this interview.

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