Past, Present, and Future Technology: Interview Ideas: Issaya Saleumsay

Reading the ten pages to the intro of the book, “Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That’ll Improve and/or Ruin Everything“, I feel like having an oral history of someone that is older than the interviewer is a reliable and more credible source. It gives the people time to evaluate how time has changed and the way the world and people are going in order to see the future of this world in technology. For example, in the book, it explains how they had movies and TV shows that had flying cars and it explains how that is all handy dandy for that time period, but now we don’t have flying cars because people just think that’s ridiculous. However, instead of having flying cars we now have cars that can drive themselves. I think that the book explains the importance of being able to see the change of technology and we need to appreciate that more.

For my project, I haven’t really decided on a topic yet. However, if I had to pick one on the top of my head, I would probably choose the lifetime of phones. For example, pager to flip phone to blackberry, etc. I would use the theme of past to present. I would interview someone (probably one of my parents) and ask them how has the phone changed from when you could remember to now. My goal for this project is to get the timeline of the phones from possible before phones even existed and back to pager status. I think that this would be a really interesting topic to interview someone who lived in that timeline and compare it to how kids are raised now and see the difference in the world of technology. This will also show how the world has changed in maybe 50 years or so. Maybe at the end of the interview, I would throw in a bonus question with how future phones would look like and how soon they would come especially with the iPhone X and it’s new features.

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