Past, Present, and Future Technology: Interview Ideas: Emmalina Krist

A chapter of the book, Soonish, that I found interesting focuses on possible future advancements in “Bioprinting,” or the ability to create human organs available for transplant in a lab, as opposed to transplanting them from donors, thus eliminating the need for long wait queues to access these life-saving surgeries. This seems to slightly relate to oral history because the author presents a hypothetical question to aid in the explanation of this technology, in the form of a short narrative.

For this audio project, I feel that I would like to interview my father, if possible, because he was raised in an extremely different time and place from myself. He was raised in post-war Poland, during a time when the Communist Party was in power, and immigrated to the United States to escape the living conditions there. I would like to ask him how technology from this time in his life differed from what is available currently and find out if there is any kind of technology that has impacted him more than others. One thing that I have noticed about him is that he makes an effort to buy the latest versions of technology, such as phones or laptops, when he can despite high costs, and I have wondered if that is a result of his upbringing, especially because our family members that remain in his small hometown still use older technologies, such as flip phones, and are unwilling to adapt to newer interfaces.

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