Past, Present, And Future Technology: Interview Ideas: Brianna Esqueda

For this assignment I chose to focus on the chapter about bio 3D printing. The idea is simple, being able to print artificial organs for those in need. Is concept could radically change the lives of thousands of people. It would no longer be the case that someone dies while waiting on the transplant list. This method would also minimize the chance or an organ recipient rejecting their new organ; a problem that if occurs makes the organ unusable, harming the person and waiting an organ. However, if this was to occur you could just print another one. There would be no reason to go back on a list, honestly, it would probably eliminate this current necessity all together.

When I think about who I would like to interview I immediately think of the people whose lives have been changes and sustained by modern medicine. People living because of treatments like dialysis, or pacemakers. Or people that once receive a new organ live the rest of their lives on anti-rejection medication. People that without these advancements would probably not be alive.

Ideally I would like to interview someone who has been living with a medical condition long enough to have seen it change, or someone in the medical and research fields. We can think of things as simple as oxygen tanks. They use to be heavy and would often keep people from leaving their homes, not wanting to deal with the hassle of rolling something around. But now oxygen concentrators are smaller and more portable than ever. Some even fit in shoulder bags making it easy for anyone dependent on this technology able to freely leave their home.

I also think that interviewing a child with a medical condition would be interesting. Children have different perspectives, and a child living by aid of medical intervention of any capacity may have insight someone of an older generation lacks.

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