Past, Present, and Future Technology: Interview Ideas: Andy Snow

For this assignment, I read a chapter in Soonish that discusses the Synthetic Biology which encompasses making medicine and industrial inputs of technology. In this chapter, biology and DNA of food has been altered using technology so scientists can control the breeding of life in a way that has never been done before. Scientist have been manipulating DNA in different scenarios like atomic gardening, as mentioned in Soonish. This kind of technology has taken billions of years to perfect through evolution. Synthetic biology combines biology and engineering and is used to help figure out the DNA of people, along with assisting in medical diagnostics and treatments. The example that Soonish uses is a dog that goes out into the yard and rolls around in dirt, tracking in diseases and bacteria. Synthetic biology determines cells and DNA by figuring out the cell types and putting them together in a way that alters the final DNA strands and the chemicals used to make this happen.

This topic relates to oral history because it shows the records of history and how technology has helped shape the future through evolution. It is interesting to think about where the world was decades ago and where it is now with the technological advancements that have been made. Ages ago humans were not able to change DNA or alter food chemicals to satisfy customers but with the evolution of technology, it is now possible and it improving as scientists research more efficient ways of going about biology.

For this project, I would like to interview my father who works in the finance business at a bank. My goal is to talk with him about communication, specifically iPhones and the change in cellular devices and how they benefit him in his line of work. When I was younger, my father would share stories with me about the lack of cell phones and the alternative ways of going about communication with his friends and family. My father was born in the 60s and is much older and wiser than I am which is why I would like to speak with him about the pros and cons of this form of technology. I am curious to know what kind of applications he uses on his smartphone, and if it is challenging for him to upgrade his phone as newer advancements are made. My father was more acquainted with land lines and is unaware of the constant changes on his iPhone. I am very interested as to what his thoughts are about communication and technology in his business.

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