Past, Present, and Future Technology: Interview Ideas: Aidan Aumell

The book “Soonish” relates to the notions of oral history because they do a very good job of storytelling throughout the book explain a certain topic in full detail. It talks about the future of technology in great dept but also focuses on the past and information behind the main subject. For example, when the book talks about the future of fusion power. It goes into detail on the biggest, most expensive fusion project in the world” ITER”. But prior to explaining what this is, it describes just what is fusion power is in the simplest way possible. “If you hold a lighter to a candle, but the wick doesn’t catch fire, all the heat in the wick will go away once you turn off the lighter. But if you can get the wick to catch fire, the candle will keep burning until the entire thing is gone. The fire creates more fire. In the same way, if you get the fusion reactor going fast enough…” (89 Weinersmith) This is a perfect example on how the book relates to oral history because it does a good job of explaining the oral history behind certain things.

For my project, I want to interview my mother about life as Washington State University 20 + years ago and focus on the differences from back then to now. Mostly about how the use of technology and phones changes the culture of a city. My mother always talks about Pullman when it had no phones and during that time a lot of people did a lot of thing differently. I also may want to interview my family (brother and mother) about moving to Seattle and how city life differs from Suburb life. It was a massive change for my family and I feel like we would all have a lot to talk about on this matter.


WEINERSMITH, KELLY. SOONISH: Ten Emerging Technologies That’ll Improve and/or Ruin Everything. PENGUIN BOOKS, 2019.

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