Past, Present, and Future Technology: Interview Ideas: Timmy Huynh

I read chapter 10 on Bio-printing. This chapter had a lot of hypothetical as to what could and can happen if you were to need an organ. But one thing that ties with oral history is that they explain how these organs are obtained and distributed currently. They showcase the steps of waiting for the transplant list, the order of importance or emergency people get these organs, and the amount of people affected by the poor system currently in place. They then go on to explain how there is the development of 3D printing organs. As of right now, 3D printing is not as sophisticated as it needs to be in order to print full organs. They can however print small parts of organs or something like skin. They have concerns about this because there is the issues of who could patent what. They are also concerned about the viability of a printed organ. If someone were to abuse the organ, would it be able to hold? These are all things that might be a problem and are concerns they have thought about from past experiences. For my interview, I’d like to try an interview my friends that are a few years younger than me. I have always wondered what it’s like to completely grow up in a technological based world. When I was growing up things like computers and game consoles weren’t as easily obtained and available. It wasn’t until I was in middle school where things became more and more accessible. So interviewing those that have always been surrounded by technology would be interesting and seeing how they interact and feel about these advances. As for a theme I would like to stick to gaming or computers because those are my favorite pieces of technology. I have experienced the creation of both games and computers so I would like to see how someone from outside of this perspective feels towards the industry. I’d like to ask them about how difficult they think the industry is to get involved with or possibly if they have a respect for it. For more a more specific topic on each, if I chose video games I’d like to see if gaming has affected them in a behavioral or physical way at all or if they haven’t played any what their view on it is and their reason for not playing. If I were to talk about computers I’d like to see how much they know about something they use almost everyday and how it has eased or made their life more difficult in any way.

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