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This was my first time using illustrator and I absolutely loved it! The possibilities are endless, this program essentially allows you to create anything you want! At first it was a bit overwhelming, but with time and knowledge I eventually learned how to create exactly what I wanted with my comic. I made a storyline of a child who was naughty, but received spoilers for Christmas instead of coal. This relates to our generation in terms of how much time we spend following television shows, and what would truly disappoint us the most. I am happy with how my comic turned out and the tools I learned throughout this process. The ideal environment for readers to view my comic is that around Christmas time, given my comic is Christmas themed. I hope that viewers responses consist of it being relatable, as well as funny.

When looking at my comic, I would say that it fits Scott McCloud’s definition of a comic perfectly. McCloud argues that a comic should be “juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence”. This is easily relatable to my comic with the aspect that each of my images are in an order so that my story makes sense. I deliberately placed them in an organized and deliberate sequence making them juxtaposed. All of my images are pictorial, had made. When deciding to go with a pint based or electronic based comic, I decided to go with print base. My lines are clean, and my colors are vibrant making it well suited to be print based because viewers are able to hold it in their hand and look at it. I also chose this option because having it in an electronic format would add nothing to the display of my comic.

Scott McCloud discussed many important elements within his book that are important to consider when creating an expressive comic. I focused on displaying my comic more as a cartoon than realistic. I also added text so that the viewer/reader will be able to better understand the context. Facial expressions were another essential element to include when trying to bring an emotion across, this I had fun with and felt that I truly understood and captured.

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