Comics: Issaya Saleumsay

My project fits Scott McCloud’s definition of comics, because my comic strip is all condensed and flow with the story line. It also, shows different actions happening during different frames.

In the book, Understanding Comics, I followed a couple of things that Scott McCloud suggested during the reading. He explained how there are different ways to format a comic. You can either have it go from right to left (cover to cover) or left to right (anime style or the way Japanese people write their books). I took that suggestion and decided to write from right to left because I live in the United States and we go from left to right in majority of our comics. So, it only made sense for me to do the same. Also, some comics go from up to down or from left to right on frames. I choose to go from left to right on the frames. I felt like since I was going from left to right (cover to cover), I would go left to right on frames as well. It also reads better for some people. I feel like my comic strip has enough words being said in the story line and there is enough unspoken language in the comic to understand it.

Comic Project

The Struggle Created By: Issaya Saleumsay

I believe that the ideal reading environment for my comic is at home or on the readers free time. I feel like my viewers or readers can relate very well to this. I relate to this comic very well. I’m not positive which readers this comic targets, but if I could take a guess, I would say middle schools. The reason for this target is to show little kids that growing is a lot of work and it isn’t all about homework, but to get enough rest so you aren’t exhausted. This way that kids are understanding that sleep is a necessary for success.

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