Type Anatomy: Matt Behnen

The type in this picture is a mix of all types of font. There are serif and sans-serif fonts as well as regular, bold, and indented. The poster uses bold sanserif fonts for headings and things that are important to see if you were to look at a glance. I believe the reasoning for this type of type is so that if you were walking by this poster, you could see the biggest red type and see what the poster is about, but if you had time, you could read more with the smaller, more detailed text. The poster uses a sans-serif font so that it is easy to read and people won’t mix up the letters that are close together. This font uses thick stems on all their heading letters to show the importance of the headings. small, thin stems would not be considered as important and vital information. This poster uses Bold fonts for the primary headings and then regular of the same font for information about that heading. It also uses a different color and smaller font for the fine details about a specific event. The x-height for every letter in headings is the same, making every letter the same size, even if it is capitalized. This poster also uses a red color for all their headings to show that it is the most important information and the other information is not as important.

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