Type Anatomy: Mikaela Thomas

“First Lady of the Graphic Arts” title and text about Bertha Goudy.

I thought all the different type faces we looked at in the library were very interesting. One that I specifically picked out was from a text from Bertha S. Goudy: First Lady of Printing. The title is a decorative serif font that really stood out to me. It has a hollow center, so where the lines would be thick usually, it is hollowed out. I think it gives it a very formal and almost regal look. This title is paired with another serif font in the main text that is less decorative and better suited for a main text. This typeface is less decorative than the title, but still has elegant looking flairs and extra accent pieces. The title text with the hollowed out pieces really stood out to me as something I might use as inspiration for my own type design and poster for project three. I liked that it uses the negative space in a way that isn’t distracting and makes it look very fancy and elegant. It reminds me of something from Medieval times which could be something I can incorporate into my decision of what text to use for my inspiration for project three. I think the way the text looks also goes hand in hand with what the text is actually saying. The words “First Lady” makes me think of someone very important and regal, which is matched in the type. If the actual words were different, the font makes it have a different meaning. I think that is also important to remember for project three because how I chose to make the font appear should directly correlate to what the words are saying.

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