Print Versus Digital: Melissa Urueta

this is an example of a different type page in the book understanding comics by Scott McCloud

Reading  Scott McCloud’s book understanding comics was not the first time I had to read a comic formatted this way or even the first time that I read a comic for class. So when I read through it, it was not really new territory for me, in terms of the style in which the book was made. This book made learning about comics themselves more interesting, partly because of the less words more pictures aspect that most textbooks don’t have. It was enjoyable read and the best part was not realizing that you were actually learning about the technicalities and the history of comics. The web comics on the other hand were a different experience. Eroyn Franklin’s web comics emitted a different vibe to them, while Scott McCloud made it seem like her was narrating you flipping the pages, the web comics seemed lacking in that sense. There was not intrigue on my part and it made reading them a bit less interesting, but still somewhat entertaining for a few minutes. I did not feel like I was getting much information out of them. In Scott McCloud’s comics he used different techniques of comic books  throughout the book, for example as shown in the images, it goes from a giant picture in one page to back to multiple frames

this is an example of a more traditional kind of comic page from Scott McCloud’s book understanding comics

per page. The pages were different, they kept you busy trying to figure out how to read the next page, this is something that the web comics lacked (along with the obvious lack of the textbook information). In terms of whether the book was better because it was a printed copy, I personally do not think so. The content is what matters with comics and if someone thinks that because you turn a piece of paper a less interesting comic becomes more interesting that a web comic it makes sense why comics are fading. Web comics are the future it is inevitable the way that technology is growing.  Scott McCloud does point out that comics have been around for centuries and will continue to be around so it only makes sense that web comics are the future of the medium.

This is all something I would keep in mind when creating a comic, keeping it interesting for the reader. I want every page or every chapter to be something new. The reader needs to stay on their toes in order to keep interested with my comic.

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