Print Versus Digital: Kameryn Skillingstad

Throughout the first chapter of Understanding Comicsby Scott McCloud, he gives his readers a blast through the past on the history of comics; explaining to us what he considers comics based on the definition and what he doesn’t. At the end of chapter one in Understanding Comics, McCloud leaves his readers interpreting and envisioning for themselves what comics may look like in the future. McCloud says, “nothing is said about paper and ink… No materials are ruled out by our definition. No tools are prohibited,” and I believe he is correct. In today’s age the digital world is surpassing the print world in popularity, it makes me wonder if generations from now print comics will stop being produced and will become things of artifact in museums. In the future, there may even be such advanced technology that one could simply type in a description of a scene and character and the program would create the comic for you. After reading Eroyn Franklin’s online comic it brings me a sense of sadness because I realized that I thoroughly enjoy reading McCloud’s comic in print text. I don’t know whether it was the satisfaction of turning each page and looking forward to what’s on the next or having the physical copy of a text in my hands that gave me a sensation of liking print more than digital comics. It also could be the fact the Eroyn Franklin has a very different type of comics that are unique to anything I’ve ever seen that I struggled appealing to. McCloud’s comics are my idea of classic comics that I enjoy reading every section of. Because of this, I realized for my personal comic I want to create it digitally but print it out to give my readers the same satisfaction I had of reading McCloud’s printed book.

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