Print Versus Digital: Bethany Smyth

My experience reading the printed books were enjoyable verses reading comics on the web. Physically turning the pages is satisfying unlike clicking the mouse over the “next” or “turn page” curser. The graphics are more readable on physical pages rather than a bright screen.


This image from Eroyn Franklin’s web comic is a project using light sources to present a shadow puppet show. The user simply projects the image onto a solid background by shining a light behind the image therefore casting it onto the wall.

Although it was entertaining to read Eroyn’s comics on the web, it wasn’t satisfying nor was it as well retained. Its difficult to read the text on the screen as smoothly as on pages. The graphics were really great and a lot more mesmerizing but I didn’t enjoy clicking the “next button” multiple times to see what came next. In a way it works for the graphics but its a lot of work to see what comes next. Maybe my disinterest in reading web comics comes from my staring at screens majority of the day to do homework, watching videos, and doing research.

If I were to write and draw comics I would do a print form. There is something more interesting to seeing a page full of color and lines rather than on a screen. On a screen, comics can tend to look like anime shows like Naruto or cartoons such as Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, or Archer. If I were to create a comic, it would be a graphic novel on the Vietnamese/ American War. I think seeing the war in color, especially in tropical region and a different culture as well as the atrocities of war on paper would be more stimulating to the brain. Also, on paper, it is easier to remember where a certain image was page-wise rather than clicking through a a web comic.

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