Digital Collage: Wyatt Nevins

Imagine a world where planetary bodies aren’t designed to hold continents or oceans, but as a window to a further flung part of the galaxy. This was the thought that started this piece – a sky dotted with other skies, contained within massive, nearby celestial bodies. The next thought was who is viewing this sky, other than the intended audience. Maybe a world where the sky is a window to better things isn’t the best place to be. I wanted the viewer to feel dwarfed by the gigantic far away objects, but clo


Final Collage by Wyatt Nevins, October 2018

ser than in real life.

This collage attempts to combine the mundane and the surreal to create a place where the viewer feels not entirely out of place, but certainly not familiar. I got the images from google, searching both for the rustic and ancient as well as the cutting edge. Nasa photos provided the skies and copyright free documentary photos provided the stairs. For the woman, reaching towards the foreign skies, I found a copyright free silhouette and colored her in an off pink to add to the small, strange bits of the piece. The background was a rounded, fish eye lens photo as I thought it would put things just a little off center.

While this piece could have been made through practical methods, digital was certainly easier. Clipping masks are efficient and useful, allowing the user to rapidly change the tone and style of a piece. I didn’t want this piece to have a choppy, cut by scissors feel. I think I accomplished that, reaching an in-between of kitchen table and high quality professional work.

I learned how to use a bit of photoshop in high-school and that served me well for this project. I’m really fond of messing around in photoshop, as it allows to easily make interesting new images out of unrelated old ones.


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