Digital Collage: Seth Muck

A lot of my collage images are inspired by Pacific Northwest themes. The Picture of the bridge, which includes both the bridge and the water beneath it, is of the I-5 bridge connecting Portland and Vancouver, the ladder which I am from. I think this piece was mainly inspired by my love for wildlife and my home city. The beta fish and the fish in

Digital Photo Collage

the star are both representative of my love for aquatics. I think one of the main aspects of my collage is line. There is an obvious line where the bridge splits the image horizontally. I think with the addition of the bridge, and aside from the bright red fish, the image looks at first like it may be real. The background merges with the bridge and is sort of cut off from having an abrupt transition.

I hope viewers interpret this collage as saying something about the state of the world. By adding in the double background that catches ones eye, it makes the viewer think about how the world being covered in water could be a reality. I think also the images of fish both above and below the bridge add to this theme. What was especially helpful in creating this image was the lasso tool. Both the polygonal lasso and the normal lasso tool helped me carve out the small portions of the bridge to show the stone backdrop. I think that is the tool I spent the most time using. I think overall this image could be recreated physically, but without the lasso tool it would be impossible to get the realistic effect of the stone background showing through the bridge.

About sethlovescats

Woah! I just transformed into a dog! You may be asking, "your profile name is sethlovescats, but your avatar is a picture of you as a dog!" well well well friend, you've caught my tricks! I do love cats, more than dogs, but that special pupper is my best bud. Regards, Seth
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