Digital Collage: Andy Snow

This digital collage project was fun for me because I had the opportunity to learn about Adobe Photoshop, a program I have not used before. With this project, I used many different tools that helped me create my collage. First, I used the eraser tool for photos to get rid of the excess around the man and the other objects I added. I wanted to make the man bigger because people travel a lot and it is something that I want to do after I graduate. The man in a sense, is my muse because he represents me and my goals post-graduation. Then, I used the zoom tool to narrow down on the photo that I wanted to blend. the balance and contrast helped set the location of the photographs so that the photos were located and positioned the way I pleased. The goal was to put the photos around the ousnow-amanda-project-low-restskirts of the main map photo, which is the background of the collage. Next, I used the blur tool for edges of the passport photo and the airplane. With this collage, I aimed for simplicity because I did not want to add too much, I wanted to emphasize the few photos that I added along the map of the collage. The spot healing brush tool was very useful because it removed marks that were unwanted in the completed project. The lasso and quick selection tools helped me narrow down the pixels I wanted to select. the last three tools I used were the layers, dodge, and text box tools. The layers tool assisted me in easily viewing all of the layers so I could separate them and view them individually. The dodge tool helped me lightened the middle of the airplane. Lastly, the text box tool was used to write a quote by Dr. Seuss, “Oh! The Places You’ll Go!” I chose this quote because it is a reference to traveling and that is the theme of this digital collage. I had a frustrating time blending and feathering the airplane image because I did not want to ruin the plane edges. I feel that although my plane did not turn out the way I had hoped, it has character and portrays a rusty, broken down airplane. The airplane represents the struggles of traveling. I love to travel, but sometimes vacations and traveling does not go as planned. There are moments where I feel broken down or a part of me feels torn on vacation because I am a perfectionist. This digital collage is a good representation of vacation for me which is why the plane and the man are the center pieces of the collage with the map in the background. I am proud of how this collage turned out considering the frustration and effort I put into this. Overall, it was entertaining to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop.

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