Digital Collage Timmy Huynh

The images I used came from google images and websites that allowed for re-purposing and reuse of the images. I chose these images because I believe they helped portrayed my message very well and they seemed to flow together nicely with the lighting. The biggest elements in my collage is the color and the shape. The contrast in color between the galaxy man and the background catches the eye of the viewers and for my collage represents the difference between man and nature. The shape of the galaxy is one of a man and represents the potential for humans. The size of the man also plays a role of making sure that he isn’t too big as to overwhelm the background but also not too small as to ensure it’s the main focus of the collage. For design I used balance and contrast as best as I could. Balance is used through the main image being in the center at a considerable size and it is offset with the castle towards the edge at a much smaller size in order to blend and make a difference in the background.


A photo collage to portray a freedom of mind from body and the world. Created by Timmy Huynh September 2018

When people see this collage I hope for them to see that humans are so much more than what is around us and what we are currently limited to. The galaxy man is to represent that we are capable of so much more than what our simple bodies and environment constrain us from. The castle represents two things, one is to convey an example of us being able to conquer mother nature with something great and impervious to nature. The other is to show that we can do better than our past as castle are considered impractical now and mainly used as art or a piece of history now. It was made small to convey that it is now a small piece of our ever growing lives and legacy. The magnetic lasso was extremely helpful with selecting and masking the silhouette of the man. As for the masking tool it really allowed me to pick and choose the man and how I wanted the galaxy image to overlay it. I also balanced parts of the background with the burn tool due to its high exposure and brightness. This collage could have been made outside of Photoshop, but it definitely made it easier. It could have been made by simply cutting and pasting the images onto the background, but it would not have looked as clean as the images were retouched for the lighting and contrasts. There were a few collages that influenced me, I knew I wanted to portray humans as far greater than we are but wasn’t sure how. This is when I saw an image of a galaxy through the silhouette of a building and immediately I decided I wanted to do the same, but with a person.

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