Digital Collage – Ryan Ferrell

All my images are from Google Images that allow for reuse and modification. The images I selected best represent the message of my collage while fitting well with the them that displays the message. The biggest element in my image is how the base photos blend together to represent the realism of the message. The bright, vibrant city in the background represents pollution-free society in which the air was clean and society was thriving. The smoggy city in thDigital Collage-low rese windshield represents the air pollution all around the world and how the air soon won’t be breathable. The little car and nuclear plant represents the main impactors/causes of the pollution in the world.  I used color contrast and blending to make the image look realistic and as if the car dashboard and the rearview mirror are actually part of the image.

I want people to look at my collage and see that what we as humans are doing to the Earth and what our main causes are. The lack of a road in front of the driver represents that no matter where you go, there will be pollution.

I used the magnetic lasso tool for most of my selections, and I used the eraser rather than masking to put the city inside the rearview mirror and the smoggy city inside the windshield.The cartoon car with the skull and cross bones in the exhaust represents that smog is fatal to us and our environment. The nuclear plant cartoon represents not only the air pollution it makes, but also land and water pollution as well. I used layer masking to blend the car dashboard and the rearview mirror into the image of the polluted city.

This collage could not have been made with paper, it had to be done digitally to emphasize the effect of the realism and reality of the situation. The pictures would not blend the same and would appear as very hard-put.

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