Digital Collage: Deyanira Tovar-Moreno

The imagery used in my collage comes from a variety of different sources. My goal when creating my digital collage was to depict the idea of leaving my families’ hometown of Seattle to pursue my dream of relocating to California. To portray this message, I decided to use an image of a rear view mirror, as you can see both was it ahead of you, and what is behind you. In the images used for the rear view mirror, I wanted to use images which would represent generations of my family living in Seattle, Furthermore, I needed to collect images of Seattle to depict leaving behind Seattle after my family had lived there for generations. To depict this idea, I chose to collect an image taken of Seattle decades ago, along with a more recent image of Seattle. To form my collage, the most important elements of design were contrast and unity.

tovar-deyanira-project-01-low-resTo emphasize the importance of leaving my current life, I chose to add a glowing border surrounding the newer image of Seattle to create a form of dominance. A form of contrast I used to draw focus to the newer image of Seattle was by increasing the brightness, saturation, hue, and lightness. In other words, the contrast of tone was depicted using different tones of light and dark to differentiate the significance of the future over the past. Additionally,, I used the idea of value to increase the darkness of my older image of Seattle.

To portray the message of leaving my life behind to pursue my dream  was the use of a rear view mirror to depict the idea of direction, the direction leading away from Seattle and towards a new destination. In the rear view mirror, you can clearly see cars moving in the opposite direction towards Seattle, which alludes to the message of moving away from Seattle, The rear view mirror also has writing on it which reads “Objects in mirror are further from dream than they may appear”. Hence, I plan on moving far away from Seattle to pursue my dream. Ahead of the rear view mirror, you see a blurred image of an environment which is not clear as to where the environment is located. I purposefully chose a blurred image because I wanted it to be up to the viewer to decided where they wanted to imagine the car was headed to, in terms of their own dreams.

While creating my digital collage, important functions used in Photoshop included different lasso tools, the use of layers, and the use of the adjustments tab to change different setting on my images. Because I needed to place different images within the rear view mirror, layers were arguably the most important aspect when designing my collage. In addition, the use of the lasso and magnetic lasso tools were important in the placement of my images. I wanted to blend my images and align them together to represent a sense of unity within my collage, and not allow one image to hover over another. Furthermore, these tools were highly important in allowing me to place images over one another while blending them into one another and not drawing attention on the placement of one image over the other. The different adjustment tools allowed me to center the focus on the new image of Seattle by allowing me to increase the effects such as brightness, lightness, hue, and saturation, while lowering those effects on my older image.

I believe that my collage did need to be created digitally in order to depict my message properly. Without the effects provided above, I would not be able to think of a manner to increase the focus of one image over another without editing them digitally. I could however still crop the images and place them over another in the way that I wanted by printing them and manually cutting and placing images where I wanted, like a traditional collage. As a matter of fact, the idea of a manually created collage inspired my idea of cutting images and placing over them one another. Photoshop allowed me to do this while using different adjustments to allude to a center of focus.




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