Pattern: Cassidy Ward

I chose the quilt titled, “Bars And Strips” by Amelia Bennet circa 1929. The pattern shows a series of aligned blue blocks and evenly tiered to appear like stripes. The same pattern remains for the entireity of the quilt, but the colors differ which creates contrast and creates the pattern. For example, the blue blocks are on the outer part of the quilt while the blocks change colors towards the center of the quilt. There are two and a half white stripes in the center paired with 2 gray stripes. The combination of these lighter stripes appear like the american flag because there is only half of one of the white stripes which creates an illusion that the half of the blue block is the block for the squares similar to the real flag.

When reading about the specific quilt I learned that it was inspired by working and labor. Hence the title “Bars and Strips” which titles the pieces of pattern that the quilt uses, but it is also included in the category group named “Souls Grown Deep Foundation” which builds on the work and labor tendency. Thus, especially because the quilt was made in 1929 it definitely represents oppression and lack of power. Moreover, through the use of dull and lifeless colors it can represent the emotion of oppression that the quilt maker felt, in addition to the time period being that 1929 was the year the Great Depression first took place. Therefore, the colors also represent the Great Depression because grays and blues were a symbol for the Great Depression when it was occurring.

When thinking about why the artist would have made this quilt, I think she was trying to voice something about the lack of freedom and color in their life during this period. Not only the oppressed but the American society as a whole which I get the impression from alluding to the american flag in the center of the quilt.






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