Digital Collage: Issaya Saleumsay

All the images used for this collage, are found off of the creative commons under google images. They are all free to use with no copyright needed. And the purpose of these images came from a different idea. At first, I wanted to create a dystopian world. I had animals in a field that had the ocean attached to it and I was going to have the animals run away from a tsunami that was going to happen. However, I came across an idea of a forest fire and that changed my whole idea.

There is a lot of shape used in my collage. I have shape of a forest towards the bottom of my collage with fire shapes going through the forest and a shape of smoke coming out of it. Also, there is a shape of the Earth and behind that are shapes of birds flying away. In my opinion, the direction of the collage moves vertically from bottom to top. The bottom has the most color and it attracts the viewers eyes more and the smoke rises bringing your eyes

to the Earth on the top and that leads to the birds in the corner of the collage. I believe I used size well in my collage and everything is well proportioned. The value in this collage is amazing because without the different opacity’s creating the collage, you wouldn’t be able to see the meaning behind it.



Burning World Created By: Issaya Saleumsay

I hope viewers will see the meaning behind it, the forest burning and the Earth burning at the same time isn’t a coincidence. I want people to realize that we need to treat the world better or we will have no place to call home.

I needed the moving and placement tool and the eraser tool the most, to have the pictures blend in together and be able to look like they were one picture and to show all the little things that needs to be looked at. But, I didn’t need any other tool and they weren’t used at all.

I believe that my collage does need to be done through digital media. You wouldn’t have been able to fade majority of the pictures out and place them the same way with the lights and fire.

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