Pattern: Matt Behnen

The patterns and imagery used in this quilt are made up of stripes, thin and bold. The top third of the quilt is made up of two stripes, very wide, creating a plane. The bottom two thirds of the quilt are made up of many vertical stripes of different sizes and colors. When I look at this quilt, I see a bed, where the top third is the pillows of the bed and the bottom two thirds are the blanket of the bet. This type of imagery gives the look and feeling of being in bed when you use the quilt. This can make the user feel comfortable and cozy like when in their bed.

The quilt looks the way it does because it is the combination of strips of clothes and blocks of fabric. This quilt could have looked a lot different if Emma Lee Pettway Campbell did not have all the tops of the stripes be aligned.

I think some sources of inspiration for this quilt may have been the bed she slept on, where she wanted to re-create that image so she could take it with her. Another inspiration may have been to make it look not perfect with the stripes because it is made out of work clothes, and when your working, clothes will get torn and ripped. One different inspiration may have been a piano because the bottom stripes resemble keys on a piano.

I believe Emma lee Pettway Campbell made this quilt because it was a good way of giving the feeling of safety, and comfortableness that comes from being in bed, but can be taken with you wherever you are. I also think Emma made this quilt because it catches the eyes of people who look at it because of the contrasting colors and somewhat random placement of the fabric in the bottom two thirds.

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