History of Collage & Photomontage: Christian Solovey

Come Back (single) - Coverart

Garrett Hilliker created this covert art for the Skizzy Mars single “Come Back” in 2014. (creategarett.xyz)

This artists name is Garett Hilliker, he is 19 years old and creates art for  musical artists such as Halsey, Travis Scott, Skizzy Mars, Marc E Bassy and plenty more. I have been following him for a few years and with some conversing with him over social media, I have learned that he only uses a scanner for physical images as you can see with the one here; he took a polaroid and burned a hole in the center where a face was (both choices bringing a lot of texture to the image), scanned the image then added text (title of the song) in the space where the hole was burned. The orientation of the title and artist’s names being in the center shows Garrett thought of balance in this piece. Garrett’s work is a huge inspiration to me and I find it incredibly creative, using the the more old fashioned style of collaging and mixing it with today’s technology (adobe photoshop) to create album artwork. His choice in material and creative direction in this piece show a lot of emotion and a lot of personal connection to the piece. I personally stem from a artistic background of painting, specifically of individuals faces and making them look much different than one would normally appear, so I appreciate this piece very much.

Jiyen Lee

Jiyen Lee from “Collage Art: The History of Collage Art and Collage Practice.

Jiyen Lee is a Korean artists that created the image to the left. It is not stated what type of technology that she uses to create this image but what she does incredible. This image and her other creations create a scene in which people seem to be walking for eternity, as if each layer is a different dimension and there is no beginning or end to where the individuals in her images are walking. The use of line in this image creates layers and the contrast between the closer layers being lighter and the further ones being darker creates a ominous feeling. Almost like a tunnel that you cannot see the end of.

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