Texture: Matt Behnen


There are two main textures in this photo. The grass is soft and smooth to the touch whereas the cement is rough and cold. You can get this feeling from the way the grass is in the picture. The blades are going in every direction as well as are bend, showing that it is not a rigid structure but rather soft. There are many lines in the grass as well as on the cement. Every blade of grass is a different color showing that there are hundreds of blades of grass that make up the plane of grass as seen. The lines in the grass are going in every direction but the cement lines are only vertical. You can see that the cement is rough based on how you know cement feels from past experiences and memories.  The lines of the cement give the feeling of a rough, cold texture compared to the grass.



The lanyard shows texture by the small groves that are woven together to create the lanyard. You can also see the smooth texture of the shapes that contrast the rough yard feeling the shapes are on. There are many lines that form planes on the lanyard. Each shape is made up of lines that come together to make a plane and these planes are also considered points because they draw the viewer’s eyes to them.

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