History of Collage and Photomontage: Seth Muck


Lee Krasner “City Verticals” (1953)

When looking through the collages within the class readings, none of them stood out to me in particular at first. I loved Sophie Standings Rhino and was amazed to find it was done with fabrics, but It didn’t feel right to me. In the first reading, I stumbled upon Lee Krasner’s City Verticals and for some reason I fell in love with it. At first glance it looks pretty plain, like nothing crazy is going on. However, with further examination, one can see how much thought and work went into the creation.


The first thing one notices when looking deeper is the texture. Lee Krasner used strips of canvas to layer the collage. After these strips were put into place, she then used oil paint to add color wherever she wanted. The main element that is seen is Krasner’s line work. She created vertical lines with her strips of canvas, but they are imperfect. If you look closely you can see sporadic horizontal lines where the canvas was torn. Krasner also uses texture, she juxtaposes the oil paint and the un-painted canvas in order to create both tactile and visual texture. The way that Krasner uses repetition in the piece is quiet different than usual. She repeats the use of torn canvas, as well as the same colors.


Lee Krasner created City Verticals in 1953. This was well before the time of digital collages, so Krasner had limited options for collage medium. She is well known as an abstract painter, and that is shown even in her collage. She used her painting skill to create an image that is very interesting. I think the way in which Krasner created this piece really makes me think about how much effort was put into it. Whenever I think about collages, I think about the collages we made in middle school to represent ourselves. It involved little work and was often times done the night before. Krasner however cut strips of canvas and on top of that painted specific ones to abstractly show a city skyline.



  • Shaffer , Jessica. “Lee Krasner Overview and Analysis.” The Art Story, 2018.

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