Technological Artifact: Melissa Urueta

This is an image of a similar stereo that I received for Christmas when I was younger.
(image taken from

The first piece of technology that I can remember that I wanted was something that could play my cds and play the radio. My parents gave me this Sony stereo for Christmas one year. This was the what really started getting me more interested in technology because i loved music. So this present made me want an mp3 player, which made me want an i phone/ i pad, and that really fueled my need to have the newest piece of technology. This defines me personally because it really introduced me into technology which has now become a integral part of my life as I am choosing to study a field where technology is incredibly important. This also defines my generation because when we were all younger cd’s were in and I feel that everyone’s introduction to technology started with either a television or a radio set. These pieces of technology caused a spark and changed what we really wanted for presents as kids, or at least it did for me.

Reading all about the Media Archaeology Lab (MAL), has made me think about all the integral pieces of technology and how different mine was for the generation before me. For me the stereo opened a new world of music and it made it easy for me to find my favorite radio stations in my own room and not in the living room. The MAL shows the transitions that technology has made and it helps us all understand the progression that technology has made. You need to understand what has happened in the past in order to grow in the future, and in this case in order to expand technology. Technology has become a key part of the way we live in this generation so having an archive of past advances helps grow and appreciate technology as a whole.

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