Technological Artifact- Bethany Smyth

This is the CD Walkman I received for my fifth birthday in 2001.

My technological artifact is the Sony CD Walkman. It was the “cool” thing before the mp3 or iPod and it was still a fairly new product when I was a child. The CD Walkman replaced the Sony Discman in the late 1990’s. It was great to have and very convenient for long car trips and plane rides, although my backpack got very heavy with all of the CDs I had stowed away.

My first CD player I got was when I turned five in 2001. I thought I was all grown up and very responsible for my first cool piece of technology. My older brother had one and so did my older cousin. I grew up watching them create mix- CDs for each other for Christmas and birthdays. Little did I know what an iPod was or an mp3. After having my CD player for four or five years the iPod was more popular and by then my older brother had one. I still didn’t know what it was or how to use it. The CD player was my first introduction to convenient technology/ entertainment. When I was five my first CD player was grey and looked similar to the image above. A few year later I saved up my money and bought a newer version, this time yellow with blue plastic gems. I thought new colors was the only change in technology at the time.  Although I wasn’t in tune with the fast paced changes as a child, I am now because I am older and more aware of what is newer and better.

The Sony CD Walkman defines my generation well, especially our younger years. It is a reminder that technology is forever changing at a pace we sometimes cannot comprehend or keep up with. What was or may have been the coolest thing on earth when we were children now seems ancient and forgotten about. We’ve moved on to newer and better, more convenient products like the iPod.

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